I support professionals who are making a difference do so more effectively by:

  • Turning difficulty into opportunity
  • Tapping into areas of unused intelligence (gut sense, somatic and kinesthetic awareness etc)
  • Leveraging life experience and refining strengths
  • Identifying the issue behind the issue/obstacle


  • M.S. in Dance/Movement Therapy from California State University East Bay
  • B.S. in Human Movement Studies from San Francisco State University
  • Additional coursework in rational behavior therapy, conflict resolution, psycho-drama for therapists, somatics, Method acting, and 25 years of a range of dance forms (Guinean, Brazilian, Afro-Cuban Folklore and Modern, Middle Eastern, Modern and Ballet)


Founded RdF Consulting, a high-impact coaching and training firm specializing in resilience and communication

Founded Sell with Soul, a coaching and training firm specializing in integrity-based sales practices for sales and non-sales professionals

Senior Sales Account Representative at two technology start-ups, Voxify and Transware

  • Made over 30,000 cold calls without becoming a robot
  • Generated sales leading to combined total contract values over 20M
  • Created sales approach emphasizing core values, personal mission and empathy to more effectively sell complex technology solutions during a fickle market

Coach, Trainer and Program Coordinator at the Daly City Youth Health Center’s Youth Mentor Program

  • Coached youth-at-risk on how to work with their adult mentors to support academic and personal goals while developing their leadership and communication skills
  • Trained and coached adult mentor volunteers in a record 6-weeks, compared to the average 14-weeks to make up for delays in the hiring process

Coach and Program Coordinator at Learning as Leadership, a leadership development and training firm

  • Coached professionals from corporate and non-profit organizations as well as entrepreneurs and community leaders during and after leadership trainings
  • Oversaw operational details of leadership training intensives held throughout the year including the supervision and sourcing of vendors and training of volunteers and interns

Projects and Related Life Experience:

Co-founded Peace Puppets, a grass-roots initiative to distribute hand puppets to children in war-torn regions

  • 1000 puppets transported and distributed to children in 3 regions suffering post war trauma
  • 100% volunteer driven effort over 2 years starting with nothing more than an idea and despite obstacles related to geo-political tensions

Produced “El Mio Es La Rumba” (For Me It’s Rumba), a dance documentary created in Havana, Cuba

  • Conceived and produced a dance documentary style video with minimal resources and no formal training
  • Created and collaborated with a team in Cuba and the US to create content for the video despite challenges related to intercontinental communication during the embargo

Creator of large public events to benefit children in the US and abroad

  • Conceived, directed and produced a dance concert to bring public awareness to the impact of the AIDS crisis on Ugandan orphans
  • Conceived and produced a multi-media performance art show to benefit the San Francisco Chapter of the Special Olympics

Crisis Manager, professional and civilian

  • Initiated, recruited and supervised emergency food distribution system to provide meals to hundreds of earthquake victims immediately following San Francisco’s Loma Prieta earthquake
  • International flight attendant for TWA (Trans World Airlines) responsible for maintaining calm throughout the cabin during numerous in-flight emergencies