These principles come from 53 years of life experience. They’re both constant and ever-changing, as am I. And as we all are.

  1. Between impulse and action is a universe
  2. No act of kindness is too late or too small
  3. Strive to desire inner silence and stillness more and more
  4. You can’t see your own eyes, nor can anyone else see theirs. We need one another
  5. Do good without letting others know
  6. Expect miracles but do the work
  7. Grow wise but not old
  8. Surround yourself with people who know secret things
  9. Listen from your entirety
  10. Love questions more than answers
  11. Fight fair whether or not your opponant does and you’ll gain something better than winning
  12. Being inappropriate has its place
  13. Remove the words “I’m too busy” from your reasoning
  14. Say what you mean and mean what you say
  15. Not knowing is harder than it sounds
  16. Create more than you consume
  17. Embrace inconvenience, it’s 100 times more interesting than convenience
  18. We each struggle with a wolf and lamb inside, it’s how we struggle, that’s unique
  19. Entitlement numbs the soul, gratitude lifts it
  20. Know when to laugh at yourself and when to take yourself seriously
  21. Care more about others and less about what others think
  22. Dance your funky chicken