Mojo Mondays

Jumpstart your week with a dose of mojo on  monday morning

Each week you’ll get a short (2-3 min) dance/movement video designed to bring mojo to your morning and inspire you to:

  • Shake your groove monkey
  • Disrupt mindchatter
  • Be in action
  • Connect with the world
  • Or all of the above!

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Welcome to Mojo Monday’s

Mojo Monday Videos

Mojo Monday 1: Stretch Like a Dog

  The Underutilized Stretch We read daily the importance of stretching before and after exercise. We watch animals, our pets in particular, stretch throughout the…
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Mojo Monday 2: Wiggle Everywhere

Wiggling can be an anecdote to being too serious/adult Wiggling is an activity that most adults consider childish, and even ridiculous. Funny thing is that…
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Mojo Monday 3: Multitask w/Movement

Multitasking, Seizing the Opportunity or something else altogether? If you live in this world of technology, constant information and full schedules, you probably multitask from…
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Mojo Monday 8: Returning

Returning to do what you love, what calls you Last week I missed making the Mojo Monday video because of the very thing I’ve been…
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Mojo Monday 11: Reinvention

  Reinvention There are many defintions of reinvention, all having to do with “producing something new based on something that already exists.” (Cambridge English Dictionary)…
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Mojo Monday 12: Hiatus

Hiatus I started Mojo Monday 3 months ago and have had so much fun doing it, but even more fun hearing how its made you…
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