Coaching using Dialogue, Dance and Movement

What is Coaching using dialogue, dance and movement?

Coaching using dialogue, dance and movement encompasses the aspect of communication that isn’t just word or verbal language-based. This includes, for example, physical gestures, movements, and somatic awareness (the awareness one has of one’s body from the inside out) as well as the tone, pitch, pace etc when speaking.

Alameda MoonlightAbout Therapeutic Dance/Movement Services

I use the power of dance, movement and non-verbal communication to engage, inspire and rejuvinate individuals and groups, from patient/resident to caregiver/helping professional. I can work verbally or non-verbally to create trust and encourage connection and sharing. Examples of working this way include:

  • Solo dance performances tailored to the patient/resident audience
  • Personalized Movement Sessions for patients/residents (with or without a performance)
  • Nonverbal Communication Skills Training for Caregivers/Helping Professionals

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