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Thinkers Forum is a unique group of independent thinkers, originals and outliers on the verge of a breakthrough. As an Independent Thinker, clear thinking and unwaivering self-trust is your most precious resource. Without both it’s difficult to manifest your destiny. The unique challenge of original work calls for a whole new level of courage to know oneself as a creator and to act from inner-authority over and over again.

Thinkers Forum is composed of people who understand and support this unique drive.

Who We Are

As professionals we consist of writers, consultants, coaches, academics, philosophers, designers, entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs. As human beings we share a common goal:

To support ourselves and others with a mission to create and manifest original work in the world.

And we share a common challenge:

Surviving the creativity cycle and self-sabotage tendencies along the way.

Thinkers Forum is here to provide a place you are understood, valued for your out-of-the-box thinking and supported through dialogues, ponderings and contemplations. Your creative, independent spirit and thoughtful soul will feel at home with like-minded people.

The Facilitators:

Robin Fletcher is an adversity and communication coach and trainer specializing in communication. Her passion for supporting others to bring their work and ideas into the world comes from witnessing, time and again, the power of collaboration that’s unfettered by conditioned thought. To learn about her credentials, story and philosophy, go here.

Tami Smith is the founder of The Dawning Point and creator of “How You Are Innately Wired To Work” assessment and methodology. You can think of her as the friend who helps you navigate confusing aspects of your inner-world while leading your outer-world business.

Thinkers Forum explores:

  • How to know which idea to pursue
  • How and when to make your idea a reality
  • How to communicate your idea while in the process of creating it
  • How to overcome self sabotage, self doubt, comparison, distraction, perfectionism etc.
  • How can you use goals to serve your work without being limited by them
  • How to cope with the possibility that most people, including loved ones may not understand your pursuit
  • How you know when you’re in a rock and a hard place and what to do
  • Knowing the relationship between your weaknesses and strengths
  • “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly” that surface when you pursue an idea that matters to you
  • How and when to share your personal story
  • Fleshing out new ideas

Blog posts related to Thinkers Forum include:


Cost to join is $199 per month and includes four monthly calls (Saturdays), call recordings and:

  • Support to explore and develop your best thinking
  • Greater clarity about the issue behind the obstacle(s)
  • The self-trust needed to stay the course despite uncertainty
  • Peace of mind that comes from knowing you’re on the right track
  • Insight into where your message or actions are out of alignment with your main goal or idea
  • Clarity about the most compelling and powerful part of your story that supports and drives your goal or idea
  • Personal fulfillment that comes from knowing you’re working as effectively and efficiently as possible
  • Ideas of how to optimize resources


To ensure integrity and quality of the group we ask that you consider the following criteria:

  1. You are currently in the process of developing original work
  2. You are willing to be vulnerable and to share areas where you meet difficulty
  3. You agree to offer suggestions from experience more than theory or opinion

When You Request An Invitation

Once you submit the questionnaire we’ll be in touch with you by email to set up a 30 minute phone call. In the conversation we’ll discuss the work you’d like support with to ascertain whether Thinkers Forum is a suitable resource for that. It’s also a time to ask any questions and determine if it seems like a good fit. If so, we’ll send you a payment link, followed by login information for the 3 month Thinkers Forum series. Calls will be on Saturday mornings at 10:00am PT unless notified otherwise. You’ll have the option to join live calls each week or listen to recordings or both. Looking forward to thinking together.

“A thinker can truly think only when there is true freedom of thought.” 
Debasish Mridha MD

To Request an Interview